J.D. Admission FAQ's

Application Process

When is the application deadline? 

March 1 for enrollment the following August.  November 15 for students who apply via the Early Commitment Option.  

What are the application requirements?

See the Application Instructions page for a checklist of the documents needed for a complete application.

Does UC Hastings use an applicant's highest LSAT score or an average of one's scores when evaluating an application?

Although all reported LSAT scores are visible on an applicants CAS report, the Admissions Office only considers an applicant's highest score.

Are February LSAT scores considered?

Yes, with a March 1 deadline, the Admissions Office is able to consider February LSAT scores.

Which is given more weight in the admissions decision, undergraduate GPA or LSAT scores?

The Admissions Office weighs each of these two factors equally in its decision, along with the qualitative information gleaned from each applicant's personal statement, recommendation letters, and resume.  

How long should the personal statement be?

This decision rests with the applicant.  Statements are evaluated for mechanics (i.e. grammar and spelling), organization, clarity, and relevance.  Quality is more important than quantity.  

Does UC Hastings offer application fee waivers?

The College honors fee waivers granted by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), however UC Hastings does not generally offer its own application fee waivers.

Does UC Hastings offer an Early Decision process?

Yes.  See the Early Commitment Option page for further information. 

What forms are required for financial aid?

UC Hastings requires both the FAFSA and the UC Hastings Financial Aid Supplement to be completed before a financial aid package can be awarded.

J.D. Curriculum

Does UC Hastings permit students to pursue joint degrees? 

Yes. Students are permitted to pursue joint degrees with the permission of the Associate Academic Dean. Historically, UC Hastings students have pursued joint degrees with other institutions in the Bay Area such as UC Berkeley or San Francisco State. 

Does UC Hastings offer study abroad programs? 

Yes, the College offers seventeen affiliated programs.  See the Study Abroad page for a list of programs and other information.

Can students choose their class schedule?
Not during the first year. With the exception of the spring semester statutory course, the Records Office will schedule all first-year sections and classes. Section assignments for incoming students are made in early August.

What is the first-year J.D. curriculum?
The first-year curriculum offers the foundation for future legal study; over the first year, students gain the breadth of knowledge and key lawyering skills necessary for any type of legal career. The following courses are required for all first-year UC Hastings students:

  • Civil Procedure (4 Units)
  • Constitutional Law I (3 units)
  • Contracts (4 units)
  • Criminal Law (4 units)
  • Legal Writing & Research (2 units)
  • Moot Court (2 units)
  • Property (4 units)
  • Torts (4 Units)

In addition to the required courses, one of the following 3-unit Statutory Course Electives must be selected during the spring semester:

  • Education Law
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Environmental Law
  • Federal Income Taxation
  • Immigration Law

Are students required to pursue a concentration at UC Hastings?
Students are not required to pursue a concentration during law school. Nonetheless, many students desire more significant depth in their legal studies and choose to pursue a concentration in one of the following areas:

Students may also pursue a specialization in such areas as Administrative and Public Law, Business and Commercial Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, Environmental Law, Family Law, and Legal Philosophy and Systems.

Are students permitted to work during their first year at UC Hastings?
No. Per ABA requirements, full-time first-year law students are not permitted to work on or off-campus.  

Where is there more information about the UC Hastings Career Office and employment statistics?

Please visit the Career Office section of the website for comprehensive information about services, events, and detailed data about post-graduation employment.