2012-13 Estimates

Your eligibility for financial aid will be determined based on a standard Cost of Education figure, as outlined below. This figure is calculated based on the following educational expenses pertaining to the 9-month academic year. Expenses incurred prior to the beginning of the fall term or during the summer after the spring term ends are not considered in evaluating your financial aid eligibility.

Fall 2012 Spring 2013 Annual Total
Estimated Schedule of Fees *
Enrollment Fees $21,743 $21,743 $43,486
Activity Fee $82 - $82
Health Services Fee $309 $309 $618
Accident & Sickness Insurance ** $1,048 $1,572 $2,620
Total Resident Fees* $23,182 $23,624 $46,806
Non-Resident Tuition* $3,000 $3,000 $6,000
Total Non-Resident Fees $26,182 $26,624 $52,806

* Subject to legislative, gubernatorial and Hastings Board of Directors action. Tuition and fees may change without notice.
** May be waived with proof of insurance. If waived in the fall semester, waiver for the spring is automatic.
Contact Student Health Services, 415.565.4612, for more information.

Estimated Living Expenses (9 months)
Books and Supplies $1,150
Personal Expenses
$2,520 $280/mo
Housing and Utilities $10,800 $1,200/mo Transportation
Food $3,240 $360/mo
Loan Fees $1,783
Total Living Budget $20,927
Total Estimated Cost of Education
California Residents $67,731
Non-California Residents $73,731

These figures are reasonable estimates of expenses one should expect to incur during the nine-month academic year, mid-August to mid-May. Additional expenses such as housing deposits, credit card debt, or car payments cannot be included in the budget.

Click here for more detail about what is included in each of the components of the estimated living expense budget.
Please plan accordingly.

*Enrollment fees and non-resident tuition are subject to action by the Board of Directors, the Legislature and the Governor's office and are subject to change without notice. For information on residency please visit Residency Information.

**Accident & Sickness Insurance premium is subject to final determination by health insurance carrier.

Insurance may be waived