Waiver Agreement (Computer Exams)

[Proctors will hand out this agreement form to students who wish to use a computer for typing exam answers.]

General conditions. I understand that Hastings College of the Law ("Hastings") is offering students a voluntary option of taking final exams on their computers using secure exam software by Examsoft, Inc. Because it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of computer failure during an exam, please be aware that students who choose to use computers on exams assume the risk of technology problems and all resulting consequences. In addressing computer problems all students must abide by the instructions of exam proctors, IT personnel, the Registrar and/or the Associate Academic Dean for handling any such computer problems while in the exam room. These individuals have the discretion to decide that the problem is not fixable within a reasonable amount of time, in which case, students who are affected by the computer problems may be required to finish any exam that is interrupted by computer problems by handwriting the answers in an exam booklet. I understand that I will not be given extra time to complete my exam in order to resolve any computer related issues.

Voluntary consent. I understand the risks associated with taking my exam on a computer. I also understand that I am not required to use a computer for taking any Hastings exams. If during the exam, my exam file is actually corrupted, or my computer crashes, or my exam is unprintable, I bear sole responsibility for the loss of my exam and any resulting damage to my computer.

If I do not agree to the conditions herein, I will be able to take my final exams by handwriting the answers in an exam booklet.

Signed: _________________________________ Date: ____________

(Print name) ______________________________________________