Take-Home Exams (TWEN)

The following take-home exams will be available on the TWEN website during the exam period specified by your professor.


  • Bankruptcy - Johnson
  • Fed/Inter Water Resources - Gray
  • Gender & the Law - Williams
  • Immigration Law - Boswell
  • International Human Rights - Roht-Arriaza
  • Introduction to Chinese Law - Hand
  • Jurisprudence - Shanske
  • Law/Banking Financial Institutions - Oda
  • Legal Ethics - Zitrin
  • Public Health - Davidson
  • Roles & Ethics - Bloch

Completing your take-home exams through Westlaw’s TWEN site will allow you to download the questions and upload your answer at any time, using your favorite word-processing program (saved as a .doc or .wpd file), without having to make multiple trips to the Records Office.

Here’s what students should do to learn about take-home exams on TWEN:

  1. 1. Log into TWEN.
    • If you do not remember your Westlaw password, go to “Forgot your password?” on the homepage.
    • You will be asked to create a new (temporary) password.
    • If you have any problems logging in, contact Mark Cygnet at mark.cygnet@thomsonreuters.com.
  2. 2. Locate the Practice Exam.
    • Click on the TWEN tab.

    • Click on the Practice Exam. (You should also see a link for the actual take-home exam you will be taking.)

  3. 3. Read all instructions.
    • Instructions can be found here or on the TWEN practice exam page in the “Navigation” box to the left of the screen. The instructions include information on taking and submitting your exam via TWEN as well as Records Office information.
  4. 4. Take a Practice Take-Home Exam.
    • Click on Practice Exam link to download the exam file. Be sure to follow the TWEN instructions.
    • Upload a .doc or .wpd file as a practice answer file.
    • You will receive a confirmation e-mail from TWEN with your exam file attached. TIP! You must supply Westlaw with a valid e-mail address to receive this confirmation. You can change your e-mail address from the homepage by clicking on Update.

Shortly before the exam period, more information about due dates and exam time limits will be added to the TWEN page for your actual exam. If your professor approves, the specific instructions for the exam will be added to the “instructions” link for that exam.

Records Office Hours and Instructions

The UC Hastings Records Office is located in Room 211, on the second floor of 200 McAllister Street. During the exam period, we are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. The office is staffed until 5:00 p.m. If you have any problems during business hours, call us immediately at (415) 565-4613 or or send an e-mail to records@uchastings.edu.

For any problems with your take-home outside of business hours, we ask that you stay calm and follow these steps:

  • For problems related to illness or computer crashes, contact us immediately via phone or e-mail. We will reply to you the next business day.
  • For problems uploading your exam file to the TWEN site, e-mail your exam file to records@uchastings.edu from your uchastings.edu e-mail account. Describe your problem in the body of the e-mail. Use this option ONLY if you are having problems uploading the exam file on the TWEN site.

General Take-Home Rules

Remember the Student Conduct Code

  • Submit your own work
  • Collaborating with someone is cheating
  • Plagiarism is punished

We will notify the professor if your exam is submitted more than a few minutes outside the time limit unless you have documented extenuating circumstances to the Records Office.