Spring 2014 Environmental Law Clinic Possibilities

John Bowers, Attorney III
SF Bay Conservation & Development Commission
50 California Street, Suite 2600
San Francisco, CA 94111
415-352-3606 fx
Submit by email:  cover letter, resume, writing sample (10 page max), transcript and references (3 max). 
Deadline to apply: November 14, 2013
BCDC is the federally-designated state coastal management agency for the San Francisco Bay segment of the California coastal zone. This designation empowers the Commission to use the authority of the federal Coastal Zone Management Act to ensure that federal projects and activities are consistent with the policies of the Bay Plan and state law.
Center for Biological Diversity
351 California St., Ste. 600
San Francisco, CA 94104
Submit:  cover letter, resume, writing sample, transcript and references to: sfinternship@biologicaldiversity.org. Please provide your name and the position you're applying for in the subject line.  No deadline but students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis.
Legal interns are likely to work on projects concerning ocean protection, climate change, public lands and urban wild lands. Legal interns will assist with the preparation of litigation aimed at protecting imperiled species and habitat. Legal interns may prepare legal memos, assist with brief writing, prepare filings, investigate new cases and draft official policy comments. On occasion, legal interns may have opportunities to observe court arguments or attend agency hearings.  Part time positions require a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Jessica Daniels
Center for Food Safety
2601 Mission, Suite 803
San Francisco, CA 94110
Submit:  cover letter, resume, writing sample. No deadline but students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to account for time to process the application.
A non-profit public interest and environmental advocacy membership organization established for the purpose of challenging harmful food production technologies and promoting sustainable alternatives.  (See www.centerforfoodsafety.org for more information)
Deadline to apply: October 6, 2013

Karen Donovan, Esq.
East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)
375 Eleventh Street
Oakland, CA  94607
Submit by email: cover letter, resume, and writing sample. 
Deadline to apply: November 15, 2013
EBMUD externs assist the lawyers and staff in preparing for a water rights matter that may go to hearing in front of the State Water Resources Control Board.  This work includes research on complex water rights issues and assistance in preparing exhibits.  Students also assist in reviewing and commenting on CEQA documents prepared by EBMUD, including EIRs and Negative Declarations.  Time permitting, students work on any issues that may arise related to the District’s Central Valley Project contract and the District’s efforts in obtaining supplemental supplies.

Lisa Nessan
Earthjustice - International Program
426 17th Street, 6th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612-2820
Submit:  cover letter, resume, writing sample, and transcript. Need to have international law experience/coursework. No deadline but students are encouraged to apply early.
Earthjustice is a nonprofit environmental law firm, specializing in representing grass roots groups, such as local Sierra Club chapters, in both local and national environmental issues.  It is a purely litigation oriented entity.

Mystery Bridgers, Attorney Advisor
Federal HighwayAdmistration
Western Legal Services Division
Submit electronically: short cover e-mail, a resume, a short writing sample (8-10 pages), and a list of courses taken.  Transcripts are not required, but may be submitted to serve as the list of courses taken.  Attachments must be in either Word or PDF format.
Deadline to apply: October 15, 2013
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) carries out the Federal highway programs in partnership with the State and local agencies to meet the nations’ transportation needs.  Western Legal Services (WLS), a field office of FHWA’s Office of Chief Counsel located in San Francisco, provides advice and legal representation to twelve division offices throughout the West. Typical extern assignments range from researching, analyzing, and providing recommendations regarding discrete legal issues to drafting motions and reviewing materials for administrative records.  Externs participate in meetings with clients, information sessions with the headquarters office in Washington D.C., and, depending on current litigation, conferences with opposing counsel, mediation and settlement discussions, and conferences with the Assistant U.S. Attorneys assigned to the Agency’s environmental cases.

Matthew Bullock, Esq.
Allison Goldsmith, Esq.
Natural Resources Section
California Attorney General’s Office
455 Golden Gate Ave, Ste. 11000
San Francisco, CA  94102

Submit electronically:  cover letter, resume, writing sample, and references
Deadline to apply:  October 31, 2013
The AG has three sections--Natural Resources, Lands, and Environment--that do environmental law.  Lands and Resources represent clients such as the Department of Fish and Game and the Coastal Commission in all aspects of litigation, mostly concerning enforcement.  Environment does hazardous waste cases, Prop 65 and all AG independent actions including CEQA enforcement.  Only the natural resources section is available in SF.

Barbara Goodyear, Esq.
Office of the Solicitor
U.S. Department of Interior
333 Bush St., Suite 775
San Francisco, CA 94104
Submit:  cover letter, resume, writing sample, transcript
Deadline to apply:  November 1, 2013. Will need fingerprint clearance prior to January 2013 start date, can take at least one month to clear.
The Office of the Solicitor provides legal advice to the National Park Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the U.S. Geological Survey.  The office deals with issues that involve the National Environmental Policy Act, Endangered Species Act, National Park Service Organic Act, National Historic Preservation Act, and other environmental laws.

Andrea Sanchez, Program Assistant
Sierra Club Environmental Law Program
85 Second Street, Second Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105-3441
(Electronic applications preferred)
Submit:  cover letter, resume, writing sample, transcript and references
Deadline to apply:  No deadline to apply but students are strongly urged to apply early, as the positions fill quickly.
The Sierra Club=s Environmental Law Program’s docket encompasses the full range of public interest environmental litigation, including issues such as clean air and water, fighting urban sprawl, ending commercial logging on national forests, and protecting wild lands.

Trust for Public Land
Gilman Miller, Esq.
101 Montgomery Street, Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94104
Submit: cover letter, resume, writing sample and transcript electronically. 
Deadline to apply:  No deadline but students are strongly encouraged to apply early.
The Western Division’s legal department, working closely with our project managers and finance staff, primarily is engaged in real estate transactions whereby we typically buy real property from a private landowner generally using an Option Agreement, and then sell that same property to a federal, state or local government or a local land trust to preserve the land as open space.  Thus we seek to benefit future generations and the environment in a very pragmatic way.  For example, rather than litigating to stop a private development from bulldozing a beautiful and environmentally-sensitive property, TPL instead seeks to buy that property and in turn convey it to an appropriate public agency for long-term conservation.  TPL also does a good deal of park design and construction often in underserved urban areas.

Wild Equity Institute
Submit electronically to info@wildequity.org:  cover letter, resume, writing sample, references, and transcript. No deadline but students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis.
The Wild Equity Institute is a San Francisco based non-profit dedicated to building a healthy and sustainable global community for people and the plants and animals that accompany us on earth. WEI is engaged in cutting edge litigation at the intersection of the environmental justice and grassroots conservation movements.   WEI litigates under the Endangered Species Act, NEPA, the Clean Water Act and the Civil Rights Act.  Specific work projects may include drafting complaints; researching various aspects of civil procedure and environmental law for inclusion in summary judgment motions; and preparing administrative petitions.

This list is not all-inclusive.  Once you have obtained and accepted an offer from a field placement, you must inform Nancy Stuart, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning, stuartn@uchastings.edu, 100 McAllister, Rm. 350, to obtain permission to enroll in the course.