Civil Justice Clinic-- Individual Representation Clinic

Open to: 3rd 4th, 5th or 6th semester students.

8 units: 4 unit non-GPA class component and 4 unit fieldwork component, graded pass-fail, must be taken concurrently.

Prerequisites: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in Evidence.

Classroom Component: Twice weekly seminar sessions enable students to develop their own visions of lawyering and ability to learn from experience. Particular attention is paid to the interpersonal dimensions of lawyering and to developing effective relationships with clients, opposing counsel, and legal decision-makers.

Fieldwork Component: Students handle cases start-to-finish, i.e., from initial client interview through administrative or court hearings or negotiated settlement. The subject areas involve wage and hour claims, Social Security disability hearings, unemployment claims and civil rights restoration after criminal convictions. 

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CJC Individual Representation Clinic Professors:

Miye Goishi
Clinical Professor of Law and CJC Director
Phone: 415.581.8915
Clinical Professor of Law
Phone: 415.581.8908
Phone: 415-581-8920