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Successes, Failures, and Remaining Issues of the Justice System Reform in Japan - Symposium 

Mr. Marushima(PhotoCredit: Nobuko Miyazawa)

"Successes, Failures, Remaining Issues of the Justice System Reform in Japan" took place at UC Hastings on September 7 and 8, 2012. This symposium generated academic interest and enthusiasm among students, faculty and the bar.

Mr. Marushima, Chancellor and Dean Wu, and Professor Miyazawa(Photo Credit: Nobuko Miyazawa)

We would like to thank our keynote speaker, Mr. Shunsuke Marushima, for his contribution to this symposium.

We would also like to thank our speakers - Professor Daniel Foote, Professor Hiroshi Fukurai, Professor Tom Ginsburg, Professor Takayuki Ii, Professor Mark Levin, and Professor Frank Upham - for their presentations on various aspects on the Reform of the Japanese Justice System.

Speakers and discussants(Photo courtesy of Mark Levin)

Audience(Photo Credit: Nobuko Miyazawa)

Global Programs would also like to thank all the sponsors who have made generous contribution to this symposium.

  • Michael A. Kelly '76 International Enrichment Initiative
  • Egusa Foundation for International Cooperation in the Social Sciences
  • Tomio Narita '91
  • Simmonds & Narita LLP
  • Arseny & Olga Kovshar Private Charitable Foundation
  • CRN33 on East Asian Law & Society, Law Society Association
  • Hastings International & Comparative Law Review (HICLR)

To view the recording of this symposium, please visit http://hastingsmedia.org/Downloads/japan/.

For the background of this symposium, profiles of our speakers, and bibliography, please click here for the handout.