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Make an appointment with Fairuz Abdullah our Associate Director of Public Interest,Clerkships and LLM Programs to discuss government, clerkship and public interest opportunities. Contact the front desk to make an appointment, (415) 565-4619.

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For a comprehensive list of fellowship opportunities, please visit the Application Deadline page on which contains a fellowship calendar,application tips, grant resources and a listing of post-graduate international fellowships (to view the fellowship calendar click Here).

Popular Post-Graduate Fellowship Opportunities

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Government Opportunities

Three popular programs with the Department of Justice are the:

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Review the Government Honors & Internship Handbook for job and internship opportunities by class year. Details of these programs can be accessed through HCO. Log-in with your e-mail address and password, and then click the big blue link "Password Protected Job Search Sites" on the home screen. Make sure to read the sentence which contains the username and password for the Government Honors Handbook in order to access the site!

Public Interest/Public Sector Day

The 29th AnnualNorthern California Public Interest/Public Sector Legal Careers Day (PI/PS Day)will be held in February, 2013. PI/PS Day is a career fair for students interested in obtaining public interest and public sector jobs. It is a great way for students to meet with a large number of public interest and government organizations and agencies in one place and at one time. It is an annual event sponsored each February by nine Northern California law schools and OneJustice.The general public is also invited to attend PI/PS Day, although only students of sponsoring schools may participate in formal interviews. Some organizations conduct formal interviews, but most contacts are made on an informal basis, as explained below. PI/PS Day has two components:

  • Formal Interviews: Organizations conduct formal, pre-screened interviews for paid, work-study or volunteer positions.
  • Meet the Advocates: Students can speak informally with attorneys from multiple organizations and agencies seated at individual tables. Students do not need to make any advance arrangements with individual organizations for these sessions.Many students obtain part-time and summer positions from Meet the Advocates.