On-Campus Interviews

Early Interview Program

The Early Interview Program (EIP) is an efficient, streamlined process for interviewing UC Hastings’ second-year students for summer positions and third-year students for permanent post-J.D. positions. Employers may prescreen résumés and select up to 75% of their interview candidates.

Dates for the 2014 Early Interview Program will be August 4 through August 13. Registration will open to employers on March 4.

To join our EIP employer email list, email careers@uchastings.edu.

EIP Fees

No charge: résumé collection only (any employer type), government agencies, public interest organizations, first time participants (any employer type).

$225 per OCI schedule: private Sector, 1-20 attorneys worldwide; $450 per OCI schedule: private sector, 21-100 attorneys worldwide; $600 per OCI schedule: 101+ attorneys worldwide.

If fees are a concern, please contact us.

EIP Cancellation Policy:

If you must cancel your OCI schedule, please do so by June 24, 2013 to be eligible to request a refund. A $50.00-$100.00 administrative fee will be withheld, depending upon the size of the employer. For cancellations requested after the cancellation deadline, no refund will be available.

EIP Materials & Guidelines:

Please be sure to update or complete a NALP form and Workplace Questionnaire. If you are not a NALP employer, you can still complete the forms and either upload them to your Profile or e-mail them to us at careers@uchastings.edu. The forms are available on http://www.nalp.org/ under Resource Center and Forms. No hard-copy materials are required.

All employers participating in Fall OCI agree to abide by the NALP recruitment guidelines as well as the UC Hastings non-discrimination policy. See directions and parking information here.

SPRING On-Campus Interviews

We are currently registering employers for Spring On-Campus Interviews (Spring OCI), which will take place at UC Hastings from February through early April on the date of your choosing. Spring OCI is a great opportunity to interview 1L, 2L, 3L and LL.M students for summer, temporary or permanent positions with your organization. You can prescreen and select 100% of the candidates you wish to interview, and the program is free of charge. To register, complete and submit the registration form.

There is no fee to participate in Spring OCI.

Ad-Hoc OCI

We're happy to create an on-campus interview schedule to accommodate your needs any time of year.  Contact Eliza Leoni, Recruiting Coordinator, at leonie@uchastings.edu or 415-703-8261 to arrange an OCI to fit your needs.