Monday, July 22, 2013

          Bar Takers: You Can Do This!

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          Best Wishes on the Bar from UC Hastings Faculty & Staff!

          Message from Associate Academic Dean Heather M. Field (Click here to embiggen the photo above via Facebook).  

          Dear Bar Takers:

          You are entering the home stretch of your bar studies, and I want you to know that everyone at UC Hastings is rooting for you. Remember to take deep breaths, take care of yourself, and believe in yourself. Hang in there! You can do this!

          Staff and faculty from across the College want to wish you well. Check out the below for encouraging comments that we collected from many many UC Hastings employees! Also, for those of you who RSVPed for the Oakland Bar Lunch, here are answers to questions you might have:

          • Where do I go for lunch? We (and your lunch) will be awaiting you at Five Star Conference Center at 500 12th St. between Broadway and Clay (3-4 min. walk from the Convention Center).
          • How do I get there? When you exit the Oakland Convention Center, take Broadway to 12th St., turn left, and walk 300 feet (toward Clay St.). Your destination will be on the right.
          • What if I forget where to go? Fear not! UC Hastings folks will be in the Convention Center Lobby with signs directing you along the route to the lunch location on July 30.

          Whether or not we will see you for lunch during the bar, we wish you all the best as you finish up your studying and tackle the bar exam challenge.

          We believe in you!!!

          Best regards,

          You got this!

          • Good luck! – Robert Glenn
          • You got this!!!! -- Rupa Bhandari
          • The most important thing to do before the bar: Get a good night’s sleep. You already know all you need to know. You have been prepared by the best. Rest up. – Frank H. Wu
          • Focus, look ahead, you can do it! The knowledge is within you! – Anna Borg
          • It’s almost over! Good luck on the exam. We are rooting for you! – Tetyana Gaponenko
          • Best of luck!!!! Sandy Plenski
          • All of you will just do great!!! You well equipped to do it!!!!- Maria Catig
          • GO, GO GO!! Good luck – Prof. Sheila Purcell
          • Good Luck! We are sending all our positive thoughts and energy to you! Shino Nomiya
          • #yougotthis – Alex A.G. Shapiro
          • Believe in yourself – you will do great! Mei Cooley
          • Thinking of and believing in you – good luck! Carol Cole
          • Good luck! Remember how smart you are and how hard you’ve worked! Eliza Leoni
          • Good Luck!!! You are why we show up everyday!!—Marie Hairston
          • Good Luck!!!! Stay loose. Take care of yourselves. We believe in you all! Louise Francis
          • You’ve all worked so hard! Congratulations! You can do it!!!! Sari Zimmerman
          • Best wishes! You can do it! YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Gloria Davis
          • Good luck to all the wonderful students, all my BLESSINGS and LOVE! –Karen Amaya- CJC
          • You are ready for this! Go kick some Bar butt! – June Sakamoto
          • Good luck on this. I’m sure you’re looking forward to looking back on it. – Linda Marks – WLL
          • Best of luck, all of you have worked so hard, and here’s the payoff.
          • Fiat Justitia! Hang in there and be confident in your great knowledge and education! – Rory Little
          • Kick that test’s butt!!!! You WILL! -Lisa Black
          • You guys are gonna rock it! Best wishes ☺ -Kea Scullion
          • You’ve got this! We are with you in spirit! All the best, Susan Kostal
          • You can do this. Your hard work will pay off! – Katey Mason
          • Stay calm, take a deep breath, and ace that thing!!!!
          • Good luck, stay loose and ROCK ON! – Susan Arick
          • Good luck! You will do well! ~Rosanna
          • Deep breaths! It’ll be over soon and you can party, even if you didn’t do well – Roxy
          • It is part of the road through your journey. Walk steady, don’t worry (which I know is hard) and be patient. No matter what happens you will be ok----- I promise! Natalie Santoscoy
          • Best of luck to everyone!!!!!! – Flor Mesquita, Student Services
          • Good luck to all of you! #UCH2013 – Alexis Elston
          • Best of luck to you-Julia Jackson
          • Keep breathing – it’s all in there, you just have to find the way through! Good luck, Beth Hillman
          • You got this!!! Rey Alden – HR ☺
          • Great job – I know you’re gonna do great! ☺ - Robin Drysdale, Alumni Center
          • GOOD LUCK and congratulations for all your hard work studying for the bar exam! Best wishes from Prof. Carol Izumi
          • You're the best!!! -- David Levine
          • Deep breaths class of 2013 - you're ready for this challenge, the first of many in what I know will be a fulfilling career. – Blaine Bookey
          • Look in the mirror, and see what we see: someone who has studied hard and goes well-prepared into this test. Smile, take all our good luck wishes with you, and do the best you can – which is all you can do, after all – and know your family and friends love you whatever the outcome. – Marsha Cohen
          • Dear Students, Good luck in the bar exam - I'll be sending good thoughts. – Dorit Reiss
          • Congratulations to all of you! May you recognize and enjoy (for just a moment) your accomplishment of achieving this milestone of just being able to sit for the bar. Try to remember that your test result does not define your value. We are proud that you now join the UC Hastings Community as an alum! Now, take a deep breath, focus and believe in yourself. You can do it!!! Wishing you all the best. -- Debbie Tran
          • Dear Bar Taker-It is time to show you have what it takes. We know you can do it!
          • Best Wishes, Jean (from fiscal services)
          • Have confidence, do the best you can, and try not to stress yourself out. I know you will do well! Sending my best wishes your way. Karen Musalo
          • Congratulations on almost being done with this stressful marathon of a test. Trust that the weeks you spent studying were enough to carry you through the next three days. You can do it! We believe in you! – Gail Silverstein
          • Hang in there! You are almost done and we are so proud of you! Good luck! Jaime King
          • Good luck, bar takers! Here are my tips for a stress-free (ha!) bar: 1. Remember to breathe. 2. Repeat number one. 3. Headers, headers, headers. 4. Don't skip lunch (it's brain food) but DO bring your own lunch so you don't have to worry about the time. 5. Remember that as tough as the bar can feel, there are millions of people in the world who would gladly trade places with you. It might not feel like it, but you are lucky to be here. In the illustrious words of Coach Taylor: clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose! We're rooting for you! -- Sarah Hooper '08, Assistant Director & Adjunct Faculty, UCSF/UC Hastings Consortium on Law, Science & Health Policy
          • Take a deep breath; you are closer to your goal. Wishing all the Best!! Love, Cecilia M.
          • Good luck to all our fabulous UCH grads taking the Bar exam this month. All of us in Records are thinking of you and sending best wishes! -- Gina Barnett
          • Best of luck to everyone as you all continue on your chosen paths. You are well prepared for the journey! -- Vicki MacKie-Ainslie
          • Stay focused on your goals, know that you can do this! All the best, Nancy Stuart
          • You got this! We’re all cheering for you and can’t wait to congratulate you on the other side. – Annabrooke Temple
          • Good luck! Break a (figurative) leg! – John Crawford
          • Three years ago, you began your legal education with the goal of becoming an attorney. Now, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and perseverance. Trust yourself to answer the questions and endure this triathlon. I know you can! – Jan Jemison
          • Hey UC Hastings grads--best wishes on the Bar Exam. Remember to eat breakfast and breath! In solidarity, Nancy Reiko Kato, Class scheduler
          • Dear graduates, It has been a wonderful experience getting to know you. My thoughts and best hopes will be with you during the bar exam next week and into the future! Carol Christensen
          • Dearest Bar Taking Peeps, Just a few more days to go! Hang in there, keep your eyes on the prize and go kick some bar butt!! BOOSH! Hugs & Kisses, Jolynn Jones
          • Best of luck to you all! You make us very proud. -- Best, Beverly Parayno
          • Here's wishing you the best as you take the bar examination. The most important thing is to remember that you have gone through many challenges in your career and there is no reason to think that this will not turn out well. With warm regards. And don't forget to celebrate when you are all done. -- Richard Boswell
          • Dear Former Students: The Bar Exam is a Big Chore, but it's just one more Big Chore. Your Hastings education involved enduring and conquering lots of other Big Chores. So you're primed for success on this one, as on the ones you've already surmounted. You're ready, and will do fine. Afterwards, you can relax. -- Rick Marcus
          • To all of our gifted graduates, the very best of luck on the Bar exam! My advice? Go in with a positive attitude, answer the questions with confidence, and kick the test’s butt. -- David Faigman.
          • You are in the home stretch. Get a full night sleep before each day of the bar exam, DON'T cram right before the exam or between exam sessions, keep calm, and carry on. Good luck! You can do it! Keith Hand
          • The finish line is in sight! We'll be cheering for you. -- Chimène Keitner
          • Dear student bar takers, I remember so well the day before my own bar exam, and I don’t envy you right now. I am thinking of you all. Whether you are the kind of person (like me) who crams right up to the last minute, or whether you have closed your books and commenced taking deep cleansing breaths, try to get some SLEEP, try not to absorb the ambient stress in the atmosphere, and just keep going. I’m sure you’ve all worked hard to prepare – panic is your biggest enemy now. Wishing you all the best on this behemoth exam, and feeling lucky to have been a part of your legal education and having gotten to know some of you very well. Best, Lisa Faigman
          • Good luck! Take a deep breath and try to get some sleep during this last week leading up to the exam. All your hard work will pay off. Professor Eumi Lee
          • Having studied hard, be confident. Wishing you much good fortune, Mark Aaronson
          • Dear Class of 2013: Please know that I am keeping good thoughts for each one of you taking the bar exams this summer. Your time reviewing and all the energy spent doing so are a testament to all the 3 years of hard work in the law school. So keep it up and good luck! You’ll each come out of this stronger and a better person. Don’t forget to breathe and embrace life! Warm regards, Ellen Crosson
          • Wishing you a positive and successful California Bar exam experience! Kate E. Bloch


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