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          Thinkers & Doers: November 2016

          BIG NEW JOBS IN D.C. -- Prof Price’s Op-Ed in the Washington Post -- ALUMNUS TAKES THE BRONZE -- Prof Cohen in High Times -- THE FUTURE OF ENVIRONMENTAL LAW -- Prof Hazard talks “imputation” -- PROF WILLIAMS GOES VIRAL -- and so much more.
          Sample alt tag.
          Professor Dave Owens with other speakers at the Department of Justice-sponsored conference on "The Future of Environmental Law."


          Professor Joan C. Williams (@joancwilliams) nearly broke the internet with her Harvard Business Review article on What So Many People Don’t Get About the U.S. Working Class  
          -- Gideon Gil at STAT News called it the “best explanation I’ve read about why Trump won” – which was retweeted by Maggie Haberman, New York Times’ presidential campaign correspondent and political analyst.
          -- 54 political reporters, including writers from CNN Politics, NYT, Politico, and BuzzFeed, tweeted it out, including shares from Nicholas Kristof, Josh Barro, Megan McArdle, Nick Denton, Mathew Ingram, and Emily Nussbaum.
          -- Tara Palmieri of Politico called it a “Must read! Especially for Europeans who are baffled by a Trump win.”
          -- The over 2.2 million views makes it the second-most popular article published by HBR since it started tracking online metrics (and it’s closing in on the 3 million view record!).
          -- Justin Fox referenced it in a Bloomberg column.  
          --Also covered by the Guardian in Is liberalism really to blame for Britain’s (and America’s) ills? 
          -- There are discussion threads about the piece on Reddit and YCombinator. 
          -- The article even found its way to Chile in the Revistas Santiago. 
          -- Hold on, don’t forget about the audio addendum. 

          “Since initiatives are such big business, and they’re expensive, and you have to have the money to put them on the ballot, it’s pretty attractive if there’s a 15 percent discount,” said Professor Michael Salerno. 
          -- Listen to Professor Salerno comment on Prop. 57 on KCRA’s "FOR THE CURIOUS" radio program. 

          Whether in the U.S. or abroad, Professor Frank H. Wu (@frankhwu) makes his mark through scholarly articles and speaking engagements.
          -- For those who can read Chinese not once, but twice. 
          -- Professor Frank H. Wu and UC Hastings are both mentioned prominently in the Chinese media. 
          -- Analysis of the Trump election for Chinese audience. 
          -- “Campaign ’16: Where Media Went Wrong.” 
          -- Tickets to the West Coast Diversity Leadership Forum 2016 on December 6 are still available. 
          -- Also tickets for the Asian American Business Roundtable in New York. 

          “These things are always political and it doesn’t stop being political —meaning weed could finally be too popular to undo,” quotes Professor Marsha Cohen in this High Times article. 

          “President-elect Trump has proclaimed that he wants to immediately withdraw from that agreement,” says Professor David Takacs on KPIX 5. “And if we withdraw from that agreement, we don’t know what other nations would do.” 
          -- SAVE THE DATE as The Rutter Endowment Committee unanimously selected Professor David Takacs as this year’s recipient of The Rutter Award for Teaching Excellence. The formal award ceremony and reception is scheduled for Wednesday, January 18, 2017, here at UC Hastings College of the Law, so mark your calendars.

          Who doesn’t want tickets to see Professor Frank H. Wu speak with Henry Kissinger in New York City? 

          Professor Hadar Aviram (@aviramh) appeared on ABC 7 news to address her opposition to Proposition 66 saying, "It's going to limit opportunity to assess people's cases including their innocence and we may see unlawful executions to a degree, it'll be unprecedented." 
          -- LA Times’ Patt Morrison also speaks with Professor Hadar Aviram on why California's promises to speed up the death penalty are impossible. 

          “Making a Case for Case Studies, Table Top Exercises, and the Grand Simulation,” an article by Professor Jill Bronfman (@privacytechlaw), has been accepted for publication in the Spring 2017 issue of The Law Teacher. 
          -- You can also see Professor Jill Bronfman delivering a keynote at the University of South Carolina Keynote on drone privacy. 
          -- Viva Las Vegas as the host of the NAB/BEA conference in April 2017 and Professor Jill Bronfman’s five-person panel addressing issues surrounding media coverage of the Olympics. 
          -- Government hacking: Not just for bad guys. Professor Jill Bronfman chimes in on the controversial shift in how judges issue search warrants. 

          Professor Robin Feldman (@RobinCFeldman) was chosen as a finalist in the World Technology Awards in the law category. The award recognizes "outstanding innovators from each sector within the technology arena, conducting innovative and impactful work with the greatest likely long-term significance in the fields of science, technology & other related disciplines." 
          -- The UCLA Law review recently published Professor Robin Feldman’s article, “The CRISPR Revolution: What Editing Human DNA Reveals About the Patent System’s DNA.” 
          -- Professor Robin Feldman will also be speaking at the ROUNDTABLE ON PATENT SUBJECT MATTER ELIGIBILITY: Exploring the Legal Contours of Patent Subject Matter Eligibility on Monday, December 5, 2016 at Stanford University.

          Professor Matthew A. Coles was called upon by the BBC’s Newsday to discuss the impact of Trump's election on the Supreme Court, and in particular his statements to CBS that he'd appoint a "pro life" justice who would overrule Roe v. Wade, but that he considered the question of marriage for same-sex couples "settled."

          More from Professor Joan C. Williams as she doesn’t stop.
          -- Comments on paid parental leave. 
          -- Speaking on mistakes made by the Clinton campaign. 
          -- Sending a message to all the Cosmo girls. 
          -- Recognizing education-based stereotypes. 
          -- Discussing the Democrats’ obsession with cultural issues and how it failed to properly communicate with the Rust Belt constituents. 

          The Joint Meeting of the Steering Committee with Working Group Reporters, Members, Advisers and Observers, in Vienna, Austria saw Europe’s top legal minds continue to devise the model rules of European civil procedure and Professor Richard Marcus was in attendance. 

          Professor Rory Little (@rorylittle) discusses the unanimous first opinion of the term: A vacated conviction may be considered in assessing the preclusive double jeopardy effect of mixed acquittals and convictions. 
          -- See Professor Rory Little’s appearance on KCBS. 
          -- Donald Trump’s decision to shut down an investigation of Hillary Clinton “is not out of step with constitutional constraints,” states Professor Rory Little in a New York Times article. 
          -- What does Professor Rory Little think about an Alameda County public defender’s claim that the Court’s New E-Filing System is causing false arrests and extending custody? 
          -- “That process, when [Trump nominee for attorney general, Alabama Senator Jeff] Sessions appears before the Judiciary Committee, will be worth watching closely,” says Professor Rory Little. 

          Did Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters have a conflict of interest that should have kept him from representing Judge Robert Ruehlman? Professor Geoffrey Hazard Jr. says it comes down to “imputation,” or the attributing of actions to a source. 

          “Congress, could certainly undo monuments,” said Professor John Leshy, former chief attorney for the U.S. Interior Department. “It’s a little early and Trump is such a wild card.” 

          In the Huffington Post there is Distinguished Professor Frank H. Wu and then there is everyone else.
          -- “Hong Kong Actor Wears ‘Brown Face,’ Highlights Prejudice” Among Asians.” 
          --“The Lessons of the Internment: “A Better American in a Greater America.” 
          -- “Why the Internment Was Wrong.” 
          -- “Should You Come to Law School?” 

          “It’s a tricky issue to raise. Most places don’t like to think about teens having sex.” Professor Dorit Reiss addresses Why So Few Kids Are Getting the HPV Vaccine. 
          -- An article from Professor Dorit Reiss entitled “Decoupling Vaccination Laws” can now be read in the Boston College Law Review. 

          Professor David Levine foresees the new Justice Department under the Trump administration prosecuting immigrants for such offenses as overstaying their visas. 
          -- Professor David Levine also made an appearance in the USA Today video on Trump settling the fraud case against Trump University for $25M. 

          Professor Dave Owen spoke at the Department of Justice symposium on THE FUTURE OF ENVIRONMENTAL LAW. 

          The changes “give rank and file law enforcement officers way too much discretion to conduct hacking techniques within and outside the United States,” says Professor Ahmed Ghappour (@ghappour) in the piece about the FBI hacking over 8,000 computers in 120 countries based on one warrant. 

          In this video, Professor Robert Schwartz says Prop 61 could lower costs for the state, which spent $3.8 billion in the 2014-15 fiscal year on prescription drugs, but that a price hike is possible for some. 

          Could the Trump administration entrap Dreamers? An Op-Ed in the Washington Post by Professor Zach Price. 

          IT'S DECEMBER -- Got a tip? Feedback? News to share? Let us know. By email: 

          ELECTION 2016:

          -- Congrats to William O'Neill '07 (@ONeill4Newport) Councilman-elect, Newport Beach City Council, District 7!

          -- Ben Bartlett ’14 won in his race for Berkeley City Council. 


          -- “To Nevadans I can promise, that all of my deliberations and judgments will be guided by the knowledge that my decisions will impact the lives of Nevadans, in real and meaningful ways,” quotes Judge Lidia Stiglich ’95 as she accepts her appointment to Nevada’s Supreme Court 

          -- Andrew Demirchyan ’16 keeps moving up the ranks as he was appointed Deputy White House Liaison for the Obama Administration.


          • UCH Student-“Ilya, how long of a break do you get for Thanksgiving?”
          • Ilya (security guard at the Tower)-“The bad guys don’t take a break, so I don’t either.”


          -- UC Hastings to host UC Davis Masters Program. University of California, Davis is bringing its Master of Science in Business Analytics program here to downtown San Francisco. Offered through the Graduate School of Management, it’s the newest entry in a young discipline that aims to prepare individuals to create business value from burgeoning data. NOW accepting applications for Fall 2017: 

          -- Market Street for the Masses Coalition Confers “Good Neighbor” Status on UC Hastings Development Project: “It’s been a really positive process,” said the Coalition’s Steering Committee Co-Chair Michael Anderer, Vice President for Mission Advancement at De Marillac Academy. 

          -- UC Hastings Students join the Tenderloin Economic Development Project (TEDP) in their Restaurant of the Week campaign. 


          -- UC Hastings Trial Team wins the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law annual Trial Advocacy Competition for the second year in a row. 

          -- “Veterans Affairs — remember your mission” is the simple request asked of by 2L Kevin M. Courtner in his Op-Ed in the San Francisco Chronicle. 



          -- Burlingame lawyer Joe Cotchett ’64 eyed for next California attorney general? 

          -- “Younger Americans are even more likely to be disenchanted with democracy,” says Ann Ravel ‘74, FEC commissioner, in her piece in the Insight section of the San Francisco Chronicle Faith in democracy is waning — here is what you can do about it.

          -- Tyler Blackney ‘13 will become director of legislative and regulatory affairs for the Sacramento office of The Wine Institute.

          -- The new role of senior associate vice provost for institutional equity and access at Stanford University will be filled by Lauren Schoenthaler '95.

          -- Lainey Feingold ’81 discusses her new book on Structured Negotiation and her tactics in dispute resolution.

          -- Julia Olson ’97 won a major victory in the case Juliana, et al. v. United States involving climate change in Eugene, Oregon. Did the federal government fail to fulfill its public trust obligations by failing to respond adequately to climate change?

          -- Joe Lisoni '72 takes bronze at world senior swimming championships. He competed in the 800-meter freestyle, going up against 41 other swimmers in the 65-to-69 age group at the 30th anniversary Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, Utah.

          -- William O'Hare ’78 has been selected for inclusion in the Orange County Business Journal inaugural edition of the OC500 List.

          -- Nicholas J. Begakis ’07 has joined the LimNexus LLP 's trial team as a partner.

          -- “He has played a critical role in our success representing tens of thousands of individuals in class action and individual cases. We look forward to Sean’s continued leadership in our firm.” says the Partners from the Minami Tamaki LLP law firm of Sean Tamura-Sato ’07 as he is elevated to Partner.

          -- Leah Chen Price ‘10 delivers hope for victims of human trafficking and human rights violations.

          -- Professor Bruce A. Wagman ’91 continues to use Big Law to fight for Animal Rights.

          -- Andrew McDevitt ‘10 to be honored with the Outstanding Barristers Award.

          -- Table + Teaspoon, the on-demand tabletop design service company founded by Liz Curtis ’09, makes elegant dinner parties easy.


          In case you haven’t heard, Kamala Harris ’89 was elected to the U.S. Senate (so only 50 more seats before UCH alums hold a majority). 
          -- 5 things to know about the Senator-Elect from Essence Magazine. 
          -- NEVER TOO SOON: The Hill lists Kamala Harris as one of "ten potential Democratic candidates for 2020." 
          -- Alpha Kappa Alpha and the Watchyard wants you to know that Kamala Harris Just Became The Second Black Female U.S. Senator Ever and the first since Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois served one term from 1993 to 1999. 
          -- Straight from Twitter: CA Senator-Elect @KamalaHarris '89 featured by Amy Poehler's Smart Girls (@smrtgrls).


          (speaking of Kamala Harris)


          -- Hear former UC Hastings Professor Lara Bazelon’s essay “From Divorce, a Fractured Beauty” read by Molly Ringwald on wbur’s Modern Love 45. 

          -- The UC Hastings Alumni Gathering in Washington, D.C. moderated by Timothy B. Mills ’86 was a resounding success. Special thanks to the host Meaghan Kent ’05, and speakers Mike Collins '01, Health Care Policy Analyst at Serco, Inc.; Andrew Herman '96, Counsel, Miller & Chevalier Chartered; Mark Keam '95, Member, Virginia House of Delegates; and Jennifer Van der Heide '92, Chief of Staff, Congressman Mike Honda's Office.

          UC Hastings alumni gather in DC

          -- Center for WorkLife Law (@WorkLifeLawCtr) cited in the The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission- Employer Best Practices for Workers with Caregiving Responsibilities. 


          The UC Hastings community extends its heartfelt condolences to the families of Robert W. Bell Jr. ’70 and Brian C. Grauman ’16.
          -- Robert W. Bell Jr. died on November 6 and was a highly regarded member of San Diego's legal community, excelling at labor law and litigation. 
          -- Brian C. Grauman unexpectedly passed away on November 18 and his family hopes this tragedy can remind the law school community that the stress and pressure students carry can be a great burden. 

          FOR MORE FROM UCH and all of its Thinkers & Doers, loop back to our website: 



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