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          In conversation with UC Hastings Professor Joan C. Williams.

          UC Hastings Professor Joan Williams welcomes U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for a conversation that touches on a broad range of subjects, from opera to marriage to work/life balance, doctrinal questions, and cases from the 1970's to present, including the court's role in establishing individual rights and equal protection. 

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          After 138 years of teaching law and producing first-class legal scholarship, we began to wonder if perhaps we are just a little too focused. Maybe we should look a little more like other institutions...
          Monday, May 01, 2017

          Thinkers & Doers: April 2017

          Legal Marketing Website -- The Nuclear Option -- A Festschrift for Prof. Miyazawa -- “Nobody’s going to copy something that’s going to kill people” -- One of the Frozen Chosen -- Wildfire Gig Economy -- and much more
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          Professor Matthew Coles accepts the LeGaL Foundation’s 2017 Community Vision Award.


          Professor Matthew Coles was presented with the LeGaL Foundation’s 2017 Community Vision Award for his distinguished record of service to the LGBT community, including a sustained commitment to achieving equal rights for all members of the LGBT community. 
          -- Professor Coles debated with University of Chicago Law School’s Professor Richard Epstein about whether antidiscrimination laws are hostile to freedom or essential to it at the University of Notre Dame. 

          Professor Michael B. Salerno is headed to London as the only American law professor selected to teach in EUPADRA, a collaborative program between three European universities: (Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali (LUISS), Rome; Universidad Complutense, Madrid; and, the Institute of Advance Legal Studies (IALS), University of London ) funded by the European Union. 

          “‘Call when needed workers’ are vulnerable on the job,” says Professor Veena Dubal (@veenadubal) in KQED News’ the California Report article on the casualties in the Big Sur blaze and the ‘Wildfire Gig Economy.’ 
          -- “In any sort of service industry where you have customers interacting with employees, employers have a duty to make sure that when there are customers who are violent or belligerent or hostile, their employees are protected,” opined Professor Dubal in an article about Uber in the Guardian. 

          Professor David Levine discusses social media and how it's being used to broadcast crimes in action of KTVU. 
          -- "The justice department seemed to be saying, well we're not doing anything to them right now, so what's the need for any litigation right now, we're all friends," said Professor Levine when interviewed by ABC7News on Bay Area cities fighting against President Donald Trump's plan to withhold funds from sanctuary cities. 
          -- “Passing a referendum — itself a long shot — would change little, as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled over a century ago that states don’t have the right to secede unless Congress and the rest of the U.S. lets them go,” said Professor Levine in this Record-Bee article on Calexit. 
          -- Professor Levine analyzes Ivanka Trump’s potential conflicts of interest for KTVU FOX 2 News. 
          -- Professor Levine was a guest on KQED Radio’s Forum to discuss a Judge’s decision to temporarily halt President Trump’s funding freeze for sanctuary cities. 

          Professor Rory Little (@RoryLittle) was interviewed by ABC7News on the potential use of the “Nuclear Option” to confirm Supreme Court nominee Judge Gorsuch. 
          -- Here’s Professor Little’s latest contribution to SCOTUSblog on “Argument analysis: A genuinely undecided court on a difficult criminal procedure question.” 
          -- “Given the huge number of cases the Ninth Circuit hears each year, far more than any other region, Trump’s ‘80 percent’ reference wrongly gives the impression that the Supreme Court overturns the Ninth’s cases more than with other circuits,” points out Professor Little in disagreement with the author of an article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. 

          Professor Joseph R. Grodin wrote a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle stating the Chief Justice “deserves praise, not admonishment” for “seeking to protect the California justice system from the intimidating and chilling presence of federal immigration agents in and around local courthouses in order to arrest undocumented immigrants.” 

          Chancellor and Dean David L. Faigman was quoted in the Daily Journal on the new passing score that could be used for California’s July 2017 bar exam so that “another generation isn’t condemned to the current standard’s arbitrariness.” 
          -- Dean Faigman discusses how giving stateside attorneys easy access to practice in the Virgin Islands would decrease government revenue and hurt the economy in the Virgin Island Daily News. 

          Professor Jaime S. King and Anne Marie Helm were panelists at the 29th Annual Health Law Symposium: Coping with Health Care Market Concentration in Saint Louis. 

          "Nobody's going to copy something that's going to kill people,” states Professor Richard Zitrin in the San Francisco Chronicle on an anti-secrecy law aimed at keeping consumers safe. 

          Professor Hadar Aviram (@aviramh) speaks with the San Francrisco Chronicle on the gay rights, labor, and travel ban cases that await Judge Gorsuch. 

          Professor Zachary Price highlights the “Real Reasons To Worry About Filibuster Repeal” for Take Care Blog. 

          Professor Frank H. Wu (@frankhwu) spoke in Silicon Valley and was featured in the Chinese media.

          “The program raises questions over whether Uber was engaging in anti-competitive behavior, but bringing an antitrust case would be very difficult,” said Professor Robin Feldman (@RobinCFeldman) in the Guardian article on Uber. 
          -- Professor Feldman was quoted by the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society from a prior hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee as saying, “REMS [Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategy] abuse has gone on for a while.” 

          Professor Jill Bronfman (@privacytechlaw) was interviewed by International Association of Privacy Professionals for their new project on mobile media app security. 

          “The creators of cap-and-trade schemes must confront many design questions, and one of the most fundamental challenges is deciding how to allocate emissions shares,” says Professor Dave Owen in his article entitled “Why cap-­and-­trade ruling matters” for the Daily Journal.

          Professor John Leshy appeared on Bloomberg Radio to discuss President Trump's executive order on national monuments. 

          "The fact that we have Safra Catz and Sheryl Sandberg doesn't mean that women are accepted in the Valley," said Professor Joan C. Williams (@joancwilliams) in this Bloomberg article on Oracle CEO Safra Catz’s relationship with the White House. 

          “The Legal Process in Contemporary Japan: A Festschrift in Honor of Professor Setsuo Miyazawa’s 70th Birthday,” will soon be published in two volumes from Shinzansha in Tokyo.

          Professor Jeffrey A. Lefstin comments on how the Supreme Court has misinterpreted or chosen to ignore legislative history in finding certain life sciences discoveries are patent ineligible for Bloomberg. 

          Professor Dorit Rubinstein Reiss (@doritmi) contributed an article entitled “Robert F Kennedy Jr and vaccines – why real journalists don't interview him” as the SkepticalRaptor for Daily Kos. 

          Should the U.S. Import Drugs to Drive Down Costs? Professor Marsha Cohen discusses in her Op-Ed contribution to the New York Times. 

          Professor John Crawford’s article entitled “Lesson Unlearned?: Regulatory Reform and Financial Stability in the Trump Administration” was published by the Columbia Law Review. 

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          Stella Cunanan -- Robin Feldman -- Jennifer Freeland -- Ahmed Ghappour -- Brittany Glidden -- Henry Ho -- Victor Ho -- Sheryl Koga -- Charles Leung -- Christine Lin -- Katelyn Madar -- Setsuo Miyazawa -- Divina Morgan -- Marina Multhaup -- Kimani Eboni Olatunde -- Daniel Perdomo -- Barry Reynolds -- Gale Rodriquez -- Stephanie Schmitt -- Sonia Starks -- Michael Su -- Camilla Tubbs -- Nick Urrea -- Antoinette Young -- Laurie Zimet


          -- 3L Dylan Dordick got a great a haircut from Strand Barber & Beauty. 


          -- 1L Olivia Molodanof, who will be externing at the San Francisco Superior Court, received the Ms. JD Career Development Award.

          -- The California State Senate uses research conducted by 2Ls Jonathan Perrone, Kristian Zanis, and Sammy Chang for an Oversight Hearing. 

          -- 2L Matthew Waldron discussed the “improbable chance that [Wells Fargo] consumers will be compensated wholly or at all” in arbitration cases in article for the Los Angeles Times. 

          -- 2Ls Manny Rodrigues, Ryan Fisher, and Natasha Jha organized a public hearing for the San Francisco Human Rights Commission. 

          -- 3L Tom Lin completed two externships at the Supreme Court of California. 



          -- S. Raj Chatterjee ’94 launched a boutique law firm Antolin Agarwal Chatterjee LLP with some old friends, who are also excellent attorneys. 

          -- Kerry Brockhage ’84 has been promoted to EVP and chief counsel for the NBCU Content Distribution. 

          -- Peter Boaz ’15 continues his work for Tetra Tech DPK as a Project Officer. 

          -- Sabina A. Helton ’90, Joseph C. Charrity ’84, Corrina E. Meissner ’95, and Matthew D. Davis ’89 were all mentioned in the Verdicts & Settlements section of the Daily Journal.

          -- Max Paderewski ’16, a personal injury attorney in Washington D.C., started a legal marketing website to keep track of legal marketing trends, news, and product reviews. 

          -- Janine Small ’91 avoids parachutists and hangs backstage with her rock star clients as a prominent entertainment attorney. 

          -- Ryan Harrison '14, a Principal Consultant for the CA Senate Rules Committee, received the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award from California State University Sacramento for his outstanding professional and personal achievements. 

          -- Gregory Walsh ‘00, a managing partner of the Dickenson Peatman & Fogarty law firm, has joined the board of directors of the Sonoma County Vintners organization, the main trade group for Sonoma County wineries. 

          -- Ethan Berkowitz ‘90, Mayor of Anchorage Alaska, is one of the “Frozen Chosen.” 

          -- Joseph W. Raffetto ’08 and Amanda Leaf ’14 were both mentioned by the Daily Journal in the prestigious Dealmakers section.

          -- Aaron Herzberg ’95 is at the forefront of California’s budding cannabis industry. 

          -- Lucas Pastuszka '16 started a new party entertaining company called Legendary Lair. 



          -- A 2014 survey of 500 female scientists of color conducted by the Center for WorkLife Law (@WorkLifeLawCtr) was referenced in an article for STAT News. 

          -- Judge Jed S. Rakoff to keynote the 136th UC Hastings College of the Law commencement. 

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