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          In conversation with UC Hastings Professor Joan C. Williams.

          UC Hastings Professor Joan Williams welcomes U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for a conversation that touches on a broad range of subjects, from opera to marriage to work/life balance, doctrinal questions, and cases from the 1970's to present, including the court's role in establishing individual rights and equal protection. 
          Friday, March 02, 2018

          Thinkers & Doers: February 2018

          Rave reviews for Prof. Paul’s “Without Precedent” – Calling Uber Instead of Ambulance Put Drivers at Risk – Long Range Campus Plan gets top billing from San Francisco Chronicle – Prof. Price’s blog post cited in federal DACA decision – Hard-Coding Injustices for Generations to Come – California coffee coming with a cancer warning? – Prof. Williams conferred honorary scientific doctorate – and much more
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          Professor Joel Paul has received rave reviews for his book “Without Precedent: Chief Justice John Marshall and His Times.”


          Fantastic review of Professor Joel Paul’s book “Without Precedent” in the Wall Street Journal. 
          -- Professor Paul also received rave reviews in Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, and Booklist. 
          -- Professor Paul will be appearing at a book signing at The Commonwealth Club. 

          "They create in some people concern that there's something lurking in places and they don't know what it is," said Professor Marsha Cohen (@msprof) in an interview with CBS News on California’s Proposition 65 and a lawsuit that may force California coffee sellers to include a cancer warning. 

          Professor Zachary Price’s SCOTUSblog post was cited by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis in a footnote of a Memorandum & Order in the DACA case of Vidal v. Nielsen pending in the Eastern District of New York. 

          Professor Joan C. Williams (@joancwilliams) was interviewed by Spiked about why we need to talk about class. 
          -- “Democrats have begun to recognize the political costs of playing into the narrative that they only care about the poor,” said Professor Williams in a front page article for The New York Times about the Obamacare dilemma. 
          -- Utrecht University conferred a scientific honorary doctorate upon Professor Williams for her work in combating social gender inequality. 
          -- "The fact that we have Safra Catz and Sheryl Sandberg doesn't mean that women are accepted in the Valley. It means that Safra Catz and Sheryl Sandberg are twice as competent and more politically savvy than everybody but God," said Professor Williams in a Bloomberg Technology article on tech exec Safra Catz. 

          Professor Evan Lee discusses whether forfeited Sentencing Guidelines errors should normally be corrected for SCOTUSblog. 
          -- Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy published Professor Lee’s co-authored article entitled “Why Deporting Immigrants for ‘Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude’ is Now Unconstitutional.” 
          -- Professor Lee wrote a follow up argument analysis for SCOTUSblog on how the Justices hinted at a categorical approach to correcting forfeited Sentencing Guidelines errors. 

          “If the Trump administration wants yet another reason to slap San Francisco around, yes, it’s another reason,” noted Professor David Levine in an article for the San Francisco Chronicle on San Francisco Board of Supervisors President London Breed's comment about breaking a federal law to house the homeless. 
          -- “This is just one shoe on a centipede,” said Professor Levine in a phone interview with KTVU on the Russian indictments in the Mueller investigations. 
          -- “Such legal barriers exist because you want to protect prosecutors from these lawsuits, even though you can point to these awful cases,” said Professor Levine in an article for the San Francisco Chronicle on the state making it hard for wrongly convicted to be compensated for lost years. 
          -- Professor Levine made several other appearances on KTVU to discuss a range of topics, including DACA, public unions, and ICE raids. 

          Professor Sheila Purcell was a moderator at the Association of Indian Mediators CPR Institute in New Delhi, India hosted by the ABA. 
          -- Professor Purcell will be speaking at an international/Asia-centered Research Forum, "Expanding the Scope of Dispute Resolution and Access to Justice: The Use of Mediation within the Courts" at Singapore Management University. 

          Professor Karen Musalo delivered the keynote address at the 2018 O’Connell/Lorwin Conference on Immigration Law and Policy at the University of Oregon. 

          “It’s a very general and vague concept and at the time it was written the idea was 'we’ll know it when we see it,'” said Professor Rory Little (@rorylittle) in an article for The Hill about obstruction of justice. 
          -- Professor Little suggests that there may be a narrow ruling or even a “DIG” in the case of City of Hays, Kansas v. Vogt in an article for SCOTUSblog. 
          -- “It could be the first time that three former clerks of a single justice will be arguing before their justice,” noted Professor Little in an article for The National Law Journal on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg presiding over oral argument in which all three lawyers who rise to speak were former law clerks of hers. 
          -- Professor Little discusses a deceptively complex Fifth Amendment question, the use of compelled statements at a preliminary hearing, for SCOTUSblog. 
          -- KCBS Radio asked Professor Little to comment on a labor union dues case being argued before the Supreme Court.
          -- Professor Little offers Opinion analysis for SCOTUSblog in the case of Class v. United States.   

          Professor Hadar Aviram (@aviramh) was a speaker at the annual conference for the Western Society of Criminology, for which she served as president from 2017-18. 

          Science Direct published a Commentary by Professor Dorit Rubinstein Reiss (@doritmi) entitled “French mandatory vaccine policy.” 
          -- Professor Reiss comments on the immunization mandate law, SB 277, for Health Affairs. 

          Professor Manoj Viswanathan was quoted in an article for The Chronicle of Philanthropy entitled “California Bill Keeps Charitable Deduction in Reach for More Taxpayers.” 

          Distinguished Professor Frank H. Wu (@frankhwu) identifies with Timon of Athens in a perspective for the Cutting Ball Theater. 
          -- Professor Wu is participating in a high-profile public event at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC to discuss the question of “The end of U.S. engagement with China?” 
          -- "The most troubling of Wray's comments is that Chinese Americans' contribution to the society has been ignored," said Professor Wu in an article on how Chinese Americans play a constructive bridge-building role for U.S.-China ties. 
          -- Professor Wu further discussed Christopher Wray’s comments in an article for The Real News. 
          -- Professor Wu appeared on the China Global Television Network to discuss whether Chinese students in US threaten US security. 

          “Antitrust investigations are usually broader in scope and can also consider whether a merger serves the public interest,” explained Professor Tim Greaney in an article for Modern Healthcare on the scrutiny of Aetna's processes for approving or denying payment for medical care. 

          “Collaborative reproduction has paved the way for radical new definitions of family, which really helped to lead the movement for marriage equality,” says Professor Radhika Rao in an article for Lenny Letter on the possibility of same-sex reproduction. 

          “It is a good initiative to help anybody who is not performing up to their skill level due to a lack of self-confidence, lack of self-esteem or performance anxieties limiting their ability to shine as much as they are capable of,” said Chancellor & Dean David Faigman in an front page article of the Los Angeles Daily Journal on the California bar exam.

          Professor Shanin Specter appeared in the March edition of Trial Magazine to discuss “The Plaintiff Lawyers of Tomorrow” and how interacting with practitioners (& maybe taking his first-year torts class) can add enormous value to a legal education. 

          Professor Veena Dubal (@veenadubal) appeared on the KQED News program The Bay to discuss “The Death of the Taxi Cab.” 
          -- “You’re under no legal obligation to care for them until they get in your car, and then you’re a proprietor conducting business,” said Professor Dubal in an BuzzFeed article on the potential risks for drivers when passengers call an Uber instead of an ambulance. 

          Professor Matthew Coles was on KQED Forum to discuss the recent Second Circuit ruling that determined Title VII of the Civil Rights Act bars workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. 

          “She’s trying to keep some level of peace within the community,” said Professor Richard Boswell in a CBS interview on the criticism against Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaaf for warning people of pending immigration sweeps. 

          Professor Scott Dodson (@ProfDodson) discussed Academic Dean Morris Ratner’s colloquium contribution titled “Restraining Lawyers: From ‘Cases’ to ‘Tasks’” published in Fordham Law Review for Scholarship Blog. 

          Nick Thieme, a research fellow at the Institute for Innovation Law, wrote an article for Undark Magazine on how we are hard-coding injustices for generations to come. 

          IT'S MARCH:

          -- Got a tip? Feedback? News to share? Let us know. By email: 

          LET’S SOCIALIZE:


          -- Renovated Civic Center playgrounds opened on Valentine's Day. 

          -- Tenderloin Play Depicts 1960s Fight For Transgender Rights. 


          ON CAMPUS:

          -- The UC Hastings Long Range Campus Plan gets the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle. 

          -- UC Hastings Director of Business Services Darryl Sweet hosted a delegation of Brazilian public procurement officials to discuss best practices, public private partnerships, energy procurement, and other topics.

          -- The Community Justice Clinics celebrated 25 years at UC Hastings.

          -- “UC Hastings doubles down on the Tenderloin with more housing,” says the San Francisco Business Times. 

          -- Robin Drysdale, Director of Major Gifts & Gift Planning at UC Hastings, is basking in the happiness of her recent engagement. Congratulations!

          -- Professor Veena Dubal and 3L Jillian Kaltner have a conversation about Work, Law, and the Gig Economy on Facebook Live. 

          QUIPS & CLIPS:


          -- 2L Ryan Khojasteh was quoted in an article for the Sacramento Bee

          -- UC Hastings Moot Court, Trial, and Client Counseling Teams Power Their Way through Regional & National Competitions. 



          -- Deborah Lopez ’83, who has always been passionate about social justice and education, was honored at a special fundraising event hosted by the San Francisco Hillel at the Lake Merced Golf Club featuring celebratory words from Chancellor & Dean David Faigman and State Senator Scott Weiner. 

          -- Phoenix Streets '97 and Nicole Solis ’95 are among four members of the San Francisco Public Defender’s office running against conservative judges in San Francisco, according to the SF Gate. 

          -- Matthew Saxon ’09 was elected to partner at Winston & Strawn LLP. 

          -- Joe Lisoni ‘72 donated “Missfire,” the quarter midget race car designed & built by his father to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Joe credits his racing (winning over 65 races from 1958-61) to inspiring his career as a top automotive safety product liability attorney. 

          -- Governor Jerry Brown announced the appointment of public defender Saba Sheibani ’04 to a San Diego County Superior Court judgeship. 

          -- "As a lawyer – and a criminal defense lawyer in particular – I was heartened to hear acknowledgment that existing laws suffice to address age-old human conduct," said Zoe Dolan ‘05 in a Coindesk article on the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs hearing on cryptocurrency regulation. 

          -- Zoe Dolan ’05 drafted a primer on “Cryptocurrency For Newcomers: An All-In-One Intro to Answer Friends’ Questions.” 

          -- Gwen Holst '17 explains what a Freedom to Operate Analysis is in an article for the Startup Legal Garage. 

          -- Patrick Barry '94 takes COO role at legal tech startup Logikcull. 

          -- Settling Up: Henry A. Steinberg '12, Jacqueline S. Dale '93, Brandi J. Malloy '04, David M. Newman '72, and Rodaldi Perez '12 were all featured in the Daily Journal’s Verdicts & Settlements section.

          -- William M. Andersen ’09 joined Pittsburgh, PA’s Sherrard, German & Kelly, P.C. as a member of the firm’s Corporate and Real Estate Services Groups. 

          -- Brianna Howard ’16 was named to The American Lawyer's Young Lawyer Editorial Board. 

          -- Mica Williams ’17 spoke in support of Pittsburgh's Paid Sick Days Act, which Pennsylvania state courts have blocked from taking effect. 

          -- UC Hastings alums answer Commonly Googled Questions about Lawyers for BuzzFeed. 

          -- Noel Edlin ’82 is a featured speaker on the live event entitled “Litigate Smarter with Predictive Analytics.” 

          -- Kristin Williams ’16 spoke at a press conference in front of City Hall for the American Heart Association- Greater Bay Area. 

          -- Novelist Claire McMillan ’97 was showcased by to talk about her two novels, "Gilded Age" and "The Necklace," which describe Cleveland society. 

          -- Scott J. Kalter ’14 has joined Klinedinst PC as an Associate in the firm’s business and commercial litigation, product liability, and retail and premises liability practice groups in its Santa Ana office. 

          -- "Why do I want to be a judge? Because I still want to serve," said Karen Katz ’85 in a Bay Area Reporter article on her bid for an Alameda County judgeship. 


          The UC Hastings community extends its heartfelt condolences to the families of Sanford Diller, Nancy Ambrose, Carlisle Moore ’53, Russell Parker Taft ’53, Elizabeth McCarthy ’74, and Gerald Clark Weaver ’61.

          -- Sanford Diller was the self-made founder and CEO of real estate development giant Prometheus Real Estate Group. His intense drive and passion led to immeasurable progress in healthcare, the arts, education, youth leadership development, and civic spaces. 

          -- Nancy Ambrose was affectionately known as Nurse Nancy to students and professors at UC Hastings throughout her 20 year service at the Student Health Services clinic. 

          -- Carlisle Moore ’53 was a patent attorney, beginning his career in the U.S Patent Office in Washington D.C. in 1953, and retiring from Phillips Moore Lempio & Finley in San Francisco in 1991. He argued two cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, in 1962 and 1963. 

          -- Parker Taft ’53 he started his own law practice with his brother Franklin practiced law until the age of 86 and was a Director of Solano County Bar Association, Legal Aid for many years. 

          -- Jerry Weaver ’61 was assistant attorney general for the State of Washington from 1962-1964 and practiced law in San Luis Obispo until his retirement last year. 

          -- Elizabeth McCarthy ’74 wrote a column in the San Mateo Times where she interviewed local personalities, writing portraits of them and of their work. 


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