Photo from the 1L Exam Party 2012

Student Government

The Associated Students of UC Hastings - otherwise known as ASUCH - is the elected student government of UC Hastings and is responsible for representing the interests of the student body. As one of the largest and most active on-campus student organizations at UC Hastings, your elected representatives on the ASUCH Executive Board and General Council:

  • Allocate funding to various student organizations;
  • Share student concerns with administration and faculty;
  • Vote on resolutions for issues of interest to students;
  • Coordinate social and community service events; and
  • Work to generally improve student life at UC Hastings.

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Important ASUCH Event Dates

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General Council Meetings, Board Meetings, and Resolution deadlines:

Get Involved!

As always, we welcome your involvement! This website is your first stop in learning more about upcoming ASUCH leadership and service opportunities. Attend an upcoming event or contact us!

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