Welcome to West-Northwest

The Hastings West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and Policy is the first regional environmental law journal covering California and the Pacific Northwest. By concentrating on this manageable geographical area, West-Northwest provides in-depth analysis of regionally specific environmental law issues.

We also recognize that an on-going colloquy on the environment must synthesize the work of a broad range of academic and professional disciplines. Thus, in addition to traditional legal scholarship, West-Northwest publishes articles by policy analysts and researchers from such complementary fields as economics, anthropology, regional planning, engineering, and biological/earth sciences.

An important refinement to this interdisciplinary approach is the inclusion of excerpts from exemplary works of fiction and non-fiction relevant to articles or symposium topics. West-Northwest showcases outstanding works of environmental literature, carefully chosen for their relevance, insightfulness, and ability to bring academic materials fully to life.

In sum, West-Northwest functions as an integrated forum for dialogue on law, policy, and thought, celebrating the unique environment of California, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest.